About Us

The First Online Butcher in Sabah

Bidfood Express is the online shop of Bidfood East Malaysia, a subsidiary of Bidfood, one of the largest broadline food distributor in the world. We are a Jakim certified Halal certified food importer, and we work closely with Jakim, Ministry of Health and Dept of Veterinary Services to import, distribute and sell meat, dairy, patsa, oil, condiment, beverage, pastry ingredient and many other foodstuff.  We bring you quality products at low price by shortcutting the traditional supply chain.



In 1998, right after both of our founders have graduated, they faced a tough time in finding a job due to the Asia Financial Crisis. They have finally decided to start their own food retailing business since food is a necessity, come rain or shine, boom or bust. From a small little shop, H&T has progressed to become one of the largest Halal foodstuff importer in Sabah, and is supplying to hotels, airlines, cruise ships and restaurants.

In 2022, H&T has become part of Bidfood, a global food distributing business with operation in five continents, and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. A global presence also allows us to assist Sabah companies to export their products to every country that Bidffod has a distribution network.  

We  are proud to be the first  Sabah food importer to be ISO 9001, Halal and Food Safety accredited, and we are now importing from all over the world  products that range from meat to dairy to condiments.  

Bidfood Express is our effort to market directly to home users to bring them quality products at the best price.