Green Pitted Olives - 4kg

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Green Olives - those vibrant, tangy little delights that add a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes!

Did you know that Green Olive is the olive fruit harvested before it has ripened? 🌱 By nature, it's intensely bitter and requires a special process of brining and curing to become the delicious, edible treat we all know and love. 🫒✨

🍕 Picture the perfect pizza with a generous sprinkling of sliced Green Olives, adding a zingy twist to each bite. 🍝 Imagine twirling your fork through a plate of pasta, where the robust flavor of Green Olives harmonizes with the savory sauce. 🍸 And who can resist a refreshing cocktail with a Green Olive garnish, lending a touch of sophistication to your evening?

🧀 But that's not all! Green Olives also have a place on your cheese platters, elevating the taste profiles with their distinctive tanginess. And when it comes to canapés, these little green gems bring a pop of flavor and visual appeal to your appetizers. 🥂

Brand: Mazza Alimentari of Italy